The Best Ever with Abby Fitch, City of Aurora, CO

Posted on March 7, 2017

We hope you can deal with change because we’re changing up new member introductions. ELGL has grown tired of everyone and everything being proclaimed as “the best ever.” From now on, we’ll only believe it if our members dub it so.

Hold onto your keyboard and mouse. Our new members are here to inform you about the best things ever created on the face of the universe.

Abby Fitch

City of Aurora, CO – Council Management Analyst

Connect: LinkedIn

What is the best ever…

Internet sensation?

I was impressed by the potato salad kickstarter.  Behind that Rebecca Black’s Friday.  That terrible song still gets stuck in my head!

Television show?

LOST, till it wasn’t. Arrested Development, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec


Early U2 maybe?


The toaster oven.  It is my go to appliance


As a person Jimmy Carter.  As a president I have a couple on the list

City department?

Water.  Water is gold in the west.


I love my job but the best ever job would be a voice-over actor.  I could read audio books for a living.


The best name ever is Rupert.

Gift idea?

Notebooks, stationary or books


Harry Potter or The Goldfinch or Anything by Margaret Atwood.

Life Accomplishment?

I haven’t hit my greatest life accomplishment yet, but it is going to be good!

Best Ever

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