The Growth Seed

Posted on April 5, 2024

A green seedling sprouts from sand.

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Recently, I had discussions with peers surrounding longevity in the workplace.  It dawned on me that while everyone has an individual goal, it is often not shared as the daily duties on the line take precedence in our minds.

I offered up reminders and encouragement that even before I plan to retire, I am always open to sharing information and helping someone else step into, fill, and improve my shoes.

We all work in teams towards the same goal of customer service in the world of technology.

It truly is more than a break fix environment comprised of silent super heroes.

Each team is made up of unique individuals with ideas crafted by minds that never cease to think of ways to improve their workflow or services provided.

Some ideas come out of the blue with an amazed WOW followed by “I never thought of that before, this is great!”

All of that to say, what else is lying beyond the now?

What more can a specific person or team accomplish?

What happens when the current leadership in your organization has set off to other ventures or retirement?

Have you invested in the next generation?

Are you sharing information or single points of failure by holding on to all sets of information?

Would your agency continue in motion without hiccups in processes in your absence?

How many years does your agency have for stability?

Ask all the questions and receive all the answers.

It was refreshing to hear the goals and dreams of others.  I beyond belief where my personal thoughts for others dreams were the complete opposite, but guess what?

They are not my goals, but theirs.

I am here to serve, educate, inspire, and more.

Here to keep the door open to those that want to learn and help in new areas – you know, those little things they call seeds that get planted, nurtured, and mature into thriving life.

So what does longevity look like in your organization?

Have you learned about the goals of your peers?

What seeds do you have to share?

Are you willing to share?

I hope you are – the future of any organization lies the same as the future of those we know and love.

The future is actually in our hands to help mold, craft, and shape by the seeds we plant in others and how we help them grow.

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