The Lightning Round with Teri Bankhead

Posted on July 2, 2012

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Teri Bankhead

City of Milwaukie

Assistant to the City Manager

What book is on your nightstand?  The Alchemist

If you were to run for elected office, which position would seek?  Secretary of State

Your best piece of career advice. Keep your options open and don’t feel that you have to stay in one specific job path or “career”. There are unknown opportunities awaiting, new experiences to gain, and people to meet that may influence your life and decisions like you’ve never expected.

Biggest issue facing local governments? So many….As the economy has worsened, the drop in property values has had an impact on city revenue, thereby, causing a domino effect into the provision of services.

If you were a baseball player, what would be your theme music while you were on-deck? Some good ole AC/DC


What are three things people will say about you at your retirement party?
 She definitely couldn’t cook. It was a good thing she only brought the paper plates to the office potlucks. But she did know how to be a team player, get things done and assist even the most difficult and demanding citizens. And she has a killer golf swing J (at least I should have one by my retirement)

If I turned on your iPod right now, what would be playing? Club Phusion (strictly for running music I swear!)

Name two of your mentors.

  • Larry Patterson – Former OC city manager who gave me the opportunity to work in city administration. He always had a smile and a contagious laugh.  He told me up to his last day before retirement that he still enjoyed his work to the end. He educated with respect, patience, trust and kindness.
  • Fred Solop – My mentor and professor at Northern Arizona University who schooled me on social research and project management.  He provided me that first professional position both during and after graduate school managing a research center.

(Fill in the blank) Government is …….. evolving and dynamic

(Fill in the blank) ELGL is …….. an incredible opportunity for networking and my go-to for resources.

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