The Movement Podcast: The Work is Never Done with Ben Kittelson

Posted on July 7, 2021

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This week our very own Ben Kittelson, ELGL Board of Directors and GovLove Co-Host, joined The Movement Podcast to talk about local government and the role that government has in the mobility sector. Topics include:

  • The origins of ELGL and the approach to GovLove
  • Trends in mobility in local government
  • Approaches to equity and equitable access to resources
  • The impact people can have working in local government
  • Funding decisions and the budget process – plus how to influence decisions
  • Creating change in an organization
  • Thoughts on leadership in local government


GovLove episodes mentioned during the interview:

About The Movement Podcast:

Mobility is an essential component to the vibrant, equitable, and sustainable cities of our future. To build this future, we need to do more than invest in technology. We need to invest in the people who will make the hard decisions around transportation, land use, housing, economic development, and other aspects of urban life.

Josh Cohen, National Policy Director at TransLoc, wants to start that conversation by building relationships with and sharing ideas from today’s leaders who are imagining and implementing change. He will profile leaders who are doing the heavy lifting to make our communities better and inspire new ones to supplement them. Together, we’ll build The Movement with the goal of sparking tangible change in our communities.

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The Work is Never Done with Ben Kittelson


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