The Phoenix Again

Posted on July 16, 2021


The last several months (years) have been tumultuous for all of us, with highs and lows, victories and defeats, moments of joy and moments of sadness. The Phoenix Again by May Sarton captures this in a beautiful way, reminding us to rise after the fall.

The Phoenix Again
by May Sarton

On the ashes of this nest

Love wove with deathly fire

The phoenix takes its rest

Forgetting all desire.


After the flame, a pause,

After the pain, rebirth.

Obeying nature’s laws

The phoenix goes to earth.


You cannot call it old

You cannot call it young.

No phoenix can be told,

This is the end of the song.


It struggles now alone

Against death and self-doubt,

But underneath the bone

The wings are pushing out.


And one cold starry night

Whatever your belief

The phoenix will take flight

Over the seas of grief


To sing her thrilling song

To stars and waves and sky

For neither old nor young

The phoenix does not die.

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