Join Thriving Earth Exchange’s Wisconsin Cohort in 2022!

Posted on January 10, 2022

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This cohort program is offered by our friends at UniverCity Alliance – a cross-campus initiative at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that connects local governments across the state with university resources to solve problems. 

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Join us in 2022!

The American Geophysical Union’s Thriving Earth ExchangeEducational Partnerships for Innovation in Communities Network (EPIC-N) and UW’s UniverCity Alliance are partnering to connect Wisconsin communities with scientists and technical experts and support them as they work together to tackle local challenges related to natural hazards, natural resources and climate change.

Community science and research happens when communities and experts work together to advance the community’s priorities. That includes defining questions, designing protocols, collecting and analyzing data, communicating learnings, and using scientific knowledge in decision-making. Projects begin with community voice, are guided by community knowledge, and end in community impact. Check out Thriving Earth Exchange past projects.

#1: Help us find projects in Wisconsin communities. We need local or regional governments, tribal governments, community-based organizations, grassroots organizations and other advocacy or non-profit groups to let us know what geotechnical projects keep them up at night. We will share these projects with local and national experts who can help formulate solutions with your community. Encourage your community to apply by March 1 to join the April 2022 community science project cohort!

#2: Help us find people who can manage the projects: We need volunteer Community Science Fellows to be the glue that holds the project team together by serving as project managers, facilitators and connectors. They represent cohort of people from all backgrounds and career stages interested in growing their practice of community science while guiding a project from idea to impact. Apply by March 1 to be a Community Science Fellow! 

About Thriving Earth Exchange 

Since 2013, Thriving Earth Exchange has worked with nearly 200 communities in 39 states and 10 countries. They work with a variety of partners, including scientific organizations, academia, federal institutions and community-facing organizations. Thriving Earth Exchange also supports organizations outside of the United States seeking to adapt Thriving Earth’s approach to community science for their region or country.

Need more information? Contact Shelly Strom, [email protected].

Appy for the April 2022 Wisconsin Community Science Fellowship Cohort!

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