Update on Diversity Dashboard Research Coordinator Work

Posted on February 7, 2018

diversity dashboard

The ten Diversity Dashboard Research Coordinators are in the midst of their first round of data collection efforts to compile the contact information for every CAO and ACAO in the United States. To do this, they’ve:

  1. Worked in teams to define research terms
  2. Divvied up the nation so each RC is managing the data for five states
  3. Begun outreach to state associations to compile the directory information

So far, the responses have been as varied as:

  • “Here’s the contact information for every city, county, and town in our state!”
  • “Looking forward to this project.”
  • “[We are] going to respectfully decline to participate.”
  • ”               ” (Silence)

The variety of responses isn’t surprising and the RCs are running with the supportive states and working around the negative responses.

The next steps include sending out the data collection survey to state contacts. The RCs have also vetted the survey, as well as our university partners. We are confident that our respondents will find it easy to complete and return.

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