Webinar: Credit Management & the Ratings Process

Posted on November 6, 2017

November 15, 2017 at 1:00 pm ET (12:00 pm CT | 10:00 am PT)

Join us for an overview of the public finance credit landscape along with credit management insights and tools, recent rating trends, and a fresh take on municipal credit strategy.

Attendee Login: https://www.anymeeting.com/663-991-470
Dial-in Number: 415-200-1362
Attendee Pin: 847 8790#



Larry Miracola (LinkedIn) is Manager of PFM’s Municipal Advisor Research Group based in Philadelphia, PA. He received a B.S. degree in Marketing from Saint Joseph’s University in 2006. After a year in the private marketing sector and four years in PFM’s Marketing, Research, & Training Support Group, Larry shifted his focus to building the Municipal Advisor Research Group within PFM in 2011. Mr. Miracola oversees a team dedicated to municipal market research with a focus on municipal credit ratings and analyses.

Kristy Choi (LinkedIn) joined PFM in 2007 Ms. Choi and provides day-to-day contact for clients, as well as wide variety of analytical and quantitative functions including, but not limited to: reviewing documents, structuring bonds, conducting debt capacity analysis, overseeing the rating process, preparing terms and conditions of sales and creating customized models for quantitative analysis. Choi currently advises the following localities and authorities in Virginia: the Counties of Arlington, Fairfax, the Cities of Roanoke, Norfolk, the Virginia Port Authority and the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority. Ms. Choi received a B.A. in Economics and Women’s Studies from the University of Virginia.

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