Webinar Rewind: Building Community and Rebuilding Connections

Posted on May 18, 2021

Building Community and Rebuilding Connections

This webinar originally aired on May 18, 2021, as part of the series Connectivity & COVID-19: A Year Later.

Even at the best of times, authentic, inclusive, and effective public engagement looks very different from traditional, 3-minutes-at-a-microphone, public comment. The COVID-19 era has pushed engagement practices to the virtual realm, with this change likely remaining to some degree. Furthermore, complex issues like housing, homelessness, public safety, workforce development, and the gig economy have been amplified and remain at the forefront of many communities. To address these challenges, local governments must commit to engaging a more diverse cross-section of residents as partners in both policymaking and program delivery. The good news is that a year apart has made many residents more interested in their communities than ever. This webinar will explore creative ways local leaders have built community in the last year, bringing residents together even when they’re forced to be apart.

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