Webinar Rewind: Retaining Talent in the New World of Work

Posted on October 21, 2021

CPSHR Retaining Talent


Originally aired October 20, 2021.

The effectiveness of local government depends on a talented, committed and experienced workforce. The competition for this talent has intensified, in part due to coronavirus-driven workplace changes. COVID-19 has caused employees across the nation to reconsider their job and career choices. One result is the “great resignation.” Job vacancies are at an all-time high, and one national survey shows that 40 percent of employees are planning to change jobs.

Government leaders also predict a looming surge in retirements. While the public sector devotes considerable time and resources to attracting talent, we often do not focus enough on retaining talent. This is a mistake because replacing a departed employee can cost up to 150 percent of the employee’s salary. As a result, it is critically important for all local government leaders (and not just HR) to focus on employee retention. This session will help attendees respond to this challenge by examining: The characteristics of our new world of work The business case for why retention is critically important The golden rule of retention Retention challenges – and opportunities


Melissa Asher, Senior Practice Leader, CPS HR Consulting

Robert J. Lavigna, Director of the Institute for Public Sector Employee Engagement, CPS HR Consulting

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