Welcome to the Family, 2021 CivStart Cohort Members!

Posted on September 29, 2021

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Our friends at CivStart have selected thirteen startup companies to join its accelerator program focused on providing local governments with affordable and innovative solutions to their biggest challenges. 

CivStart, a non-profit with a mission to build an honest and inclusive ecosystem of solutions serving local governments and their communities, just announced the thirteen startup companies participating in their annual Govtech Accelerator Program. The cohort was selected after an intensive vetting and selection process involving CivStart’s selection committee of current and former public and private-sector leaders. 

CivStart’s program is a comprehensive approach to supporting a diverse set of entrepreneurs by providing them with the knowledge and resources to grow their solutions to better serve local governments and their communities. In line with our inclusive mission, eight of the thirteen companies have underrepresented — women & minority — founders, and all of the startups’ solutions are aimed at building more equitable and inclusive communities. 

“We are very proud to bring on this incredible cohort of startups into our GovTech Accelerator Program,” Anthony Jamison, CEO of CivStart, said in a statement,

Our network of public officials keep us informed on their top issues, and we are proud to say that this cohort is meeting some of the most difficult challenges facing state and local governments. Whether it’s improving public engagement or digital workflows during a pandemic, rethinking 911, or increasing employment and building up a more equitable economy at a local level, this is a very impressive array of solutions for state and local governments.” 

“Covid-19 and unemployment are at alarming numbers in marginalized communities. People with barriers to employment may be left out again as we try to bring our country back better than before. Local Governments are the leaders that can bring cities together to connect un(der)employed residents to jobs, training programs, and supportive services,” Dominique Wilson, Co-Founder of RiseKit, explained. 

“We are thrilled to partner with CivStart in connecting to state and local governments to help supercharge state-wide reuse programs and scale a circular economy,” Dr. Gary Cooper, Founder & CEO of Rheaply stated. 

“With CivStart’s wide network we will be able to scale more quickly, raise product awareness and provide these valuable services to more communities around the country,” Ian Hamilton, Co-Founder & CEO of TruTriage, added.

This cohort of thirteen startups joins an existing 24 govtech startups in the CivStart Accelerator’s portfolio. The startups will be matched with mentors from CivStart’s Mentor Network, learn from experts across the govtech sector, receive unique access to support from established companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS), and get opportunities to present to, and learn from, the experience of public-sector leaders. 

Read more about our current and former startups at www.civstart.org/startups 


Provides a powerful yet simple application platform that helps cities and counties automate their onboarding processes for vendors, employees, homeless services and constituent services. 


FAIRTIQ is a mobile ticketing application for transit based on check in, check out. 


We deliver benefits administration solutions and services public sector organizations need for today and tomorrow, transforming the annual enrollment experience into a year-round personalized journey. 


JusticeText is strengthening the ability of public defenders to analyze crucial video evidence data with evidence management software. 


A contextual feedback platform that empowers city staff to better convey detailed information and collect constructive, concise and easy-to-manage input from stakeholders. 


Proof empowers governments to go paperless by streamlining approvals, digitizing forms, signing with a single-click, and improving data-driven decisions – all in one central software platform designed specifically for government. 


RiseKit helps local government agencies who want to lift families out of poverty and strengthen communities by making it easier for people from under-resources communities to discover, access, and realize the value of government investment and services in workforce system. 


Rheaply is the technology for connecting organizations with resources and catalyzing the circular economy. As the only market solution that combines an asset management system with an online marketplace, Rheaply’s Asset Exchange Manager (AxM)TM enables organizations to manage and transact physical assets more effectively, eliminating unnecessary waste and spend. 


Socialwyze is a mobile app that helps governments and donors pay unemployed people to perform public benefit work. 

Third Estate Analytics

Third Estate’s algorithms and workflows help governments, NGOs, and others address neighborhood inequity (especially real estate valuation) through data informed, streamlined action. 


TruTriage offers a remote video-enabled nurse triage solution to 911 centers delivering solutions to reduce cost and ER overflow in small to medium-sized communities.


UpSquad is a custom community management and integrated events platform to efficiently manage programs and measure impact with data insights all in one place. 

Viva Translate

Organizations use Viva Translate’s web-based platform and clients use their own phones for effortlessly translated conversations. 

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