Welcome to the Open Data Matrix with Richard Pietro

Posted on September 17, 2015

Richard Pietro

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You remember ELGL member Richard Pietro, right? The self-described “Open Government fanboy who creates Civic Engagement as art?” Yeah, this guy…
Well Pietro is back again! He spent last summer riding a motorcycle across America’s hat, aka Canada, land of maple syrup, moose, hockey, and the friendliest darn folks around, spreading the Open Gov/Open Data gospel. Pietro is a firm believer in the power of citizen engagement and participation as the spirit of democracy.
Pietro’s newest project combines that democratic spirit with some 1990’s pop culture; he’s created a Matrix-themed short film about the possibilities of Open Gov/Open Data/Open Source and how being transparent and accountable leads to better communities and higher engagement.
Without further ado, red pill or blue pill…

“Open” the world’s first short film on Open Government, Open data, and Open Source launches on Monday, September 28th. Stay tuned to ELGL for the first look!

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