Welcoming the International City/County Management Association to the CivicPRIDE Family

Posted on December 7, 2020


In 2015, the organization that would soon be named CivicPRIDE met for the first time at the 101st annual International City/County Management Association (ICMA) conference in Seattle, Washington thanks to the support of ELGL. Five years later, our board of directors is proud to celebrate the signing of an official affiliate agreement between CivicPRIDE and ICMA to formalize our relationship and recognize our mutual commitment to advancing LGBTQIA+ leadership in local government. Highlights of the agreement include each organization amplifying the other’s work, guaranteed participation by CivicPRIDE representatives in ICMA conference planning and events, cross-promotion of content, and cross-pollination of ideas.

To celebrate, members of the CivicPRIDE board have shared the below reflections on this exciting advancement for both organizations:

Pam Davis, Board Chair: “Formalizing CivicPRIDE’s partnership with ICMA is one giant leap forward for both current and aspiring LGBTQIA+ leaders and the local government management profession as a whole. For those of us who know what it feels like to live and work in the shadows, this affiliate agreement proudly signals that there is space for all of us to make our communities better together. We are excited for our two organizations to continue to evolve in partnership!”

Taylor Reimann, Board Secretary: “I’m excited for the partnership between CivicPRIDE and ICMA for the benefits it can bring to our shared mission of advancing local government through leadership. Our organizations have spent years making connections through the profession and championing innovations in service; I believe it is all of our responsibility as leaders to build upon that work by continuing to develop relationships and solutions that are underscored with integrity, respect and equity. Our groups have a lot we can learn from one another, and I look forward to working with ICMA on issues of mutual concern as we move forward into 2021 and beyond.”

Nathan Bassett, Board Member: “CivicPRIDE and ICMA’s affiliation agreement has special meaning for me. As a former ICMA employee and current local government employee, I see the incredible work done daily by those in the city management profession and recognize the importance of the professional connections that ICMA provides for them. Allowing CivicPRIDE to tap into the ICMA network will help us strengthen the presence of LGBTQIA+ members in local government management and provide further support to LGBTQIA+ constituents in the communities that are served by ICMA members.”

Logan Masenthin, Board Member: “Formalizing the relationship between ICMA and CivicPRIDE is exciting for me because I don’t think I ever would have learned of CivicPRIDE if not for ICMA. The first time I heard about CivicPRIDE was at the ICMA annual conference in my hometown of Kansas City. I was so happy to see a group of local government professionals like me at that event. Four years later, I am a Board member and couldn’t be happier to work with CivicPRIDE. I am so thankful to ICMA for making that connection!”

Justyn Miller, Board Member: “CivicPRIDE was created, from humble beginnings, to fill the void of not having a public sector organization for LGBTQIA+ professionals. The affiliate agreement, with ICMA, is an exciting opportunity for us to collaborate and share resources while showing our commitment to inclusion, equity, and diversity for all. I look forward to working with ICMA to build on this new opportunity to contribute to the success of both organizations.”

Sara Hancock, Board Member: “I am so excited that Civic Pride is partnering with ICMA to support the mutual success and inclusiveness of our organizations.  Our work as members of Civic Pride is rooted in the belief that spaces that include LGBTQIA+ professionals and allies are stronger and better reflect those we serve.  Our affiliation with ICMA offers so many opportunities for our members and our goal of supporting local government leadership for our communities.  I couldn’t be more proud to be involved!”

Learn more about ICMA affiliates on the ICMA website.

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