What Do You Love About Local Gov?

Posted on February 17, 2022

What they love about local gov

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– By Jessie O’Brien at Polco

We know the people working behind the scenes are full of passion for their communities and causes. Since it was recently Valentine’s Day, we asked councilors, city managers, the Polco team, and other leaders what they love about local government. Here’s what they had to say.

Working Together

“I love local government because when we work together, we are better. We innovate in ways to better listen to our residents. We believe in the passion and humanity of our staff and community to take care of each other.”

Nadia Hasan, City Councilor, City of Beaverton, Oregon

Twitter: @nadia4beaverton


Closest to the People

“Local government is the government closest to the people. It is where decisions of real consequence are made by dedicated public servants across the country. Think water quality, transportation, education, public safety, and much more. What is not to love about that?”

Shayne Kavanagh, Senior Manager of Research, Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA)


Local Representation

“I love local government because it represents citizens by way of elected and appointed officials from local communities. Having close representation where you live and work creates an environment of understanding by local representatives. They are the ones that can see and feel issues with streets, crime, local businesses, events, and even entertainment opportunities that benefit the local community. And they see issues from a taxpayer’s standpoint. Local government leaders live and work where their citizens, taxpayers, and voters live and work. Everything goes hand-in-hand having representation at your fingertips to communicate with for your neighborhood, city, or county-related business needs or concerns.”

Chaquinta Fisher, Desktop Support Manager/Web Accessibility Coordinator, McLennan County, Texas


Solutions-Based Approach

“I love the solution-based approach that local government takes to shape areas and improve the lives of the community members they serve. While state and federal governments are often politically gridlocked, local governments are hard at work resolving neighborhood issues and improving the quality of life for residents.”

John J. Metro, City Manager, City of Jersey City, New Jersey

Twitter: @jmetrontherise


Making a Real Impact

“I love local government because it allows me to find new ways to help build and improve my community. Through the work we do, I get the chance to turn my local pride of place into tangible results that make a real impact. I love that there are so many opportunities, big and small, to make changes that will end up improving the public’s experience.”

Brianna Sunryd, Communication Manager and Community Participation Officer, Town of Amherst, Massachusetts

Twitter: @Formerly_Fish

Keeping Residents Included

“Local government professionals have had to face more than their fair share of challenges over the last couple of years. And yet they dedicate themselves to keeping our communities running. I’ve seen them give up weekends to help neighborhoods in times of crisis, stay up past midnight to facilitate town hall meetings, and turn their lunch breaks into engagement time with residents at the local coffee shop. And of course, I love that they include residents in decisions with community surveys. They do so much, and I, for one, am grateful.”

Angelica Wedell, Communications and Marketing Director, Polco

Twitter: @Angelica_Online


Solving Real Problems

“I love working in local government communications and marketing. I get to have my hand in solving real problems that affect my neighbors. I get to see growth and development happen on a variety of projects. I get to hear and engage with all kinds of people. And best of all, I get to tell a story about why my community is a great place to live, play, and work.”

Danielle Rogers, Community Marketing Manager, City of Newton, Iowa

Twitter: @danielleirogers


Building Long-Lasting Relationships

“I love working at the municipal level because I’m closer to the people, programs, and policies that make a difference in citizens’ lives. I get to see the fruits of my team’s labor almost immediately with the people we’re serving. However, the biggest payoff for me is the long-lasting relationships I get to build with co-workers and citizens that I get to call friends.”

Dan Bagley, Community Relations Analyst, City of Raleigh, North Carolina


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