What I Am with Josette Green, Hawes Financial Group

Posted on August 30, 2015

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“Cross between The Atlantic magazine and Buzzfeed”
1780085Welcome to our new member feature. We’ve all heard the excuse “I’m too busy” too many times so we’ve simplified our new member feature to illicit short, meaningful responses.
Josette Green (LinkedIn) is the Vice President of Government Services for Hawes Financial Group. Previously, she served as the Executive Director, Oregon Student Access Commission.
What I Am Reading:  I’m reading a book on international volunteer opportunities.  I work for a company that pays each employee to volunteer anywhere in the world for a week.  Last year I went to Guatemala and this year the destination is yet unknown.
What I Want From ELGL Access to knowledge on government trends, ideas and challenges other government are experiencing and their solutions.
What I Am Watching:  I’m watching for new information and new organizations that take my mind and job to new destinations.  I consider finding ELGL one of those new destinations.
What I Am Motivated By:

New ideas that are energizing and moves one into the future.

What I Wish Local Government Did Better: I wish local governments had the resources needed to stay on top of technology and to be able to provide state of the art services to their citizens.
What I Am Afraid of:  I’ll get to the end of my life and wonder what the heck was I doing all of those years.
What I Wish I Was Doing:

Being outside in the beautiful Oregon summer.

What I Consider As My Career Accomplishments:  Recently I did a leadership workshop with our staff.  It had been a while since I’d presented such a session.  Through introspection from working on this presentation and then presenting, I was reminded how much I have grown as a person and how much more I like how I show up each day in life.  So I would say my career accomplishment is my own personal growth and how much more effective I am able to be as a result.
What I Am Listening To:  Usually a book on CD but right now just silence.  I love silence.
What Song/Movie Makes Me Cry: 

Gosh, I cry so easily by something moving or touching but a particular song or movie does not come to mind.  In more recent years I have stayed away from tear jerking movies and gravitate to humor, romance or adventure.

What I Wish People Knew About Me: I am very futuristic in my thinking – always planning ahead, always interested in the newest idea out there.  I get inspired by new concepts and very excited.  Plus I love diversity.  I like the new and different.  It’s why I love to travel internationally as I get to experience new ways of living and new ideas of how to be in this world.  It’s an amazing world.
What I Am Wishing Would Go Away:  I wish poverty would disappear for our children in this world so they all have adequate food and a positive place to live. Imagine if each child came into this world with the nurture, love and food each deserves.  What a different world this would be.
What I Think of Professional Associations: They are valuable especially if one gets involved and is able to realize the full benefit.
What I Am Doing This Summer:  I just built and moved into a new home.  I’m devoting my summer to relaxing into my new space as there is no place I’d rather be right now.  I absolutely love my new home.
What I Wished You Asked Me: What person or people have made a difference?  Today I was doing yoga and a person that was significant came into my thoughts.  He is now passed on.  With these thoughts came the clarity of the difference he made in my life and how grateful I am to have had that valuable relationship.  Here’s to you Tom!

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