What I Am with Megan Cory, City of Troy, MI

Posted on August 23, 2015

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“Cross between The Atlantic magazine and Buzzfeed”
Welcome to our new member feature. We’ve all heard the excuse “I’m too busy” too many times so we’ve simplified our new member feature to illicit short, meaningful responses.
Megan Cory (Twitter) is a staffer with the City of Troy, MI. She is attending Wayne State Unversity and pursuing a degree in public relations.
What I Am Motivated By: My past and my future.
What I Am Reading: Nothing very interesting as of late.
What I Am Watching:

Either watching my local news channel or America Ninja Warrior.

What I Want From ELGL: More experience and knowledge about local government as a whole.
What I Wish Local Government Did Better: Social media (not all local governments, but a good amount in my area).
What I Am Afraid of: The dark and not finding a permanent position post-graduation in May 2016.
What I Wish I Was Doing:

Floating in my pool!

What I Consider As My Career Accomplishments: My current internship.
What I Am Listening To: Talking in another department.
What Song/Movie Makes Me Cry:

Marley & Me. (every. single. time)

What I Wish People Knew About Me: I love to learn and would rather learn something new than do the same thing every day.
What I Am Wishing Would Go Away: Michigan Road Construction!
What I Think of Professional Associations: I think they’re great opportunities especially for people like me who haven’t even graduated college yet, but even for people who have been in their profession for 20 years. Professional associations can help people grow as well as their organizations.
What I Am Doing This Summer: Going down to Savannah, Georgia for my first time July 31st, and celebrating my recent engagement at the end of August.

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