Who Are You? with Andrew Freeman, City of Plainview, TX

Posted on March 29, 2016

As part of a grueling ELGL initiation process, new members are asked to complete our version of the Wonderlic test. It’s an open book test and participants do not have to use a dull number 2 pencil to fill in tiny circles.

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Andrew Freeman (LinkedIn) is the Assistant City Manager for the City of Plainview, TX. He received a Master of Public Administration from Texas State University-San Marcos.

Complete the following sentences.

I joined ELGL because…..

I like to network and get involved in the different organizations dedicated to our profession.  I am a member of a few different associations, but it looked like ELGL had additional benefits that would complement my other memberships.

On my way to work, I am thinking…

about the different things we have going on during the week and what I need to get started on when I get to my office.

In 2016, I will….


have a family of five.  My wife and I are expecting our third child in a few weeks.

Once I win the lottery, I will…

take quite a bit of time to decide what my next steps are before letting anyone know.  I couldn’t imagine not still working in local government, so I would want to make sure I find a way to continue working in a similar capacity. 

You should probably know that I…. 

take pride in my ability to take advantage of the many different ways we can communicate and be transparent with our citizens – whether it be social media, website, newspaper, tv, radio, etc. 

Do you agree/disagree with the following statement(s)……Explain….

I rather be an assistant manager than the manager. 

I have been a city manager and I am currently an assistant city manager.  I think there are definitely benefits to both roles and they complement each other.

Police departments should equip each officer with a body camera. 

I agree, I have worked for cities that use them and I think the pros outweigh the cons and they ultimately protect both the police and the public. 

I am well versed on my retirement benefits. 

I agree for the most part, I have been working for Texas cities for eight years and have become pretty familiar with my retirement system as well as other options outside of city benefits.   

I have no idea, nor do I care, how to use Snapchat. 


I have not jumped on the Snapchat bandwagon at this point, but I’m sure there would be creative ways to use it in a local government capacity.

I am a big user of the sharing economy. 

I have not been a big user so far, but I think I probably would be if I lived in a bigger community like DFW or Austin.

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