Who Are You? with Kathleen Stewart, Town of Highland Park, TX

Posted on December 21, 2015

As part of a grueling ELGL initiation process, new members are asked to complete our version of the Wonderlic test. It’s an open book test and participants do not have to use a dull number 2 pencil to fill in tiny circles. 

Kathleen Stewart (LinkedIn) is the Manager of Town Services for the Town of Highland Park, TX. Previously, she served as Strategic Services Manager for the Town of Frisco, TX. Kathleen is a graduate of the University of Texas-Arlington MPA program.


Complete the following sentences.

I feel….

…inspired by my children and seeing their strength as they find their way in this world.

I joined ELGL because…..

it is awesome!

The last book that I read was…

…the Bible.

If I had to buy a Fathead, I would buy…


….Darth Vadar or something Star Wars related to make my children believe I am cooler than I am .. like they do, Dad.

You should probably know that I….

…am straight talk and don’t understand that some people may want it sugar coated.

Do you agree/disagree with the following statement(s)……Explain….

Local government is innovative.

I hope so but it really depends on the leadership.

You should stay at least two years in a job.

I totally agree. How do you know what you are or aren’t learning if you haven’t given it a chance

Parks and Rec is the best TV show ever.


I am Leslie Knope. Best show ever, Agree.

The best employees, not just the longest tenured, are rewarded in local government.

This depends on the leadership and what they value.

Publicly funded stadiums and arenas are a good idea.

Depends on what the needs are, the usage is,

Cities need more bike lanes.

If a community has the ability to add bike lanes, sure!

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