About Us

At Engaging Local Government Leaders we are a big tent professional association full of innovative local government leaders with a passion for connecting, communicating and educating.

The key characteristics of who we are and how we are working to strengthen local government are:

  • Authentic
  • Transparent
  • Inclusive
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Our Pillars

Where we plan to focus our energy and the initiatives that will be our central commitments.


We are a welcoming, supportive community with an unrivaled passion for public service.


We are a catalyst for new ideas and innovation.


We provide unique, accessible and relevant professional development opportunities that cultivate, attract and retain talent.


We believe that leadership in our communities should reflect those we serve, and thus we work to expand diversity and inclusion at all levels of local government.


We create opportunities for our members to share their stories and expertise to inspire and humanize local government.


We celebrate success and initiate both programs and conversations aimed at making public service enjoyable.

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Contact ELGL

Main email address: info@elgl.org

Executive Director Kirsten Wyatt: kirsten@elgl.org

Email the ELGL Board of Directors: board@elgl.org

One of the things that makes ELGL unlike any other professional organization is the opportunity for our members to share their professional expertise and experiences with colleagues by authoring columns for publication on elgl.org.

Disclaimer: The content contained in blog posts does not constitute the provision of legal or professional advice in any form. The comments and opinions expressed in all previous, current and future elgl.org blog posts are those of the individual author and may not reflect the opinions of their employer or of ELGL.