#1 in ’14: Birth of the #CityHallSelfie

Posted on December 31, 2014

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#1: The Birth of #CityHallSelfies


2014 will go down in the long, storied 4-year history of ELGL as the year of the #CityHallSelfie. ELGL members from Australia to Spartanburg, SC participated by snapping selfies of themselves in front of city and county facilities. You can find all of the year’s selfies on our Pinterest board – #CityHallSelfie.

8a516b155ed8075786fdc5564827a35bThe birth of the movement can be traced to Julie and Dave Morris. Julie is an HR Analyst for the City of West Linn, and Dave is a Battalion Chief at City of Lake Oswego. Julie and Dave documented their family vacation to Yellowstone National Park with selfies of city halls, municipal buildings, and fire departments, as well as providing a running commentary of their travel. The result: 15 city hall selfies; 2,418 miles driven; bison, too many to count. Read about the entire trip in this blog post – Morris Family (Local Gov) Adventures. Needless to say, Julie and Dave were awarded Knope of the Week status for launching one of the most important movements in local government history. (Overstatement? Maybe, maybe not.)

Ben Kittelson added flame to the fire in PDX to RDU: The Job Search by documenting his informational interviews with selfies throughout North Carolina.


Emma Williams from Oregon Metro won a lifetime membership to ELGL by snapping selfies with Portland Mayor Hales and Indianapolis Mayor Ballard.


Alison Hellberg and Candick Bock from the Association of Washington Cities continued the movement as they traveled to city buildings throughout Washington State.

Marissa Grass, City of Tigard, OR, carried the selfie movement to the APA Conference and snagged a selfie with the U.S Surgeon General.


Post-#ELGL14, selfies came raining in from around the world by members who were enticed with a free pint glass for their effort.


aa630501312e9005990a296b05d83f94Oaxaca, Mexico

9e9ca491e3d3ce07e8477b63d3277165Edinburgh, Scotland

5c400578e94086021cd72ac1470987cbGrand Forks, ND

ad5bb21bf2d4f456d6ef5a6b220ac3e8Birmingham, MI

ca0c218a275e734205f18584df168a5eHumboldt County, CA



That is the story of the #CityHallSelfie, and the Number 1 story of 2014. To view more selfies, check out our Pinterest board – #CityHallSelfie.


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