Backyard Boogaloo!

Posted on October 5, 2017

More nervous than a pilot with a drinking problem
Welcome to my very first Morning Buzz! It’s nerve-wracking as heck to write for you folks, because you’re a smart bunch, but I think I can handle it given the great examples I’ve drummed up and the concise-yet-precise tutelage of Sensei Kittelson. Let’s DO THIS!
Today’s buzz is centered around the lands around the land, and how we’re all, like, connected, man.

Right Now with Nick Smith

What I’m doing: spinning up my wheels as part of the newly-formed Membership Committee so that I can have even more brilliant people to nervously write for every other week!
What I’m reading: Every single article I can about the college basketball referee who’s suing the host of Kentucky Sports Radio (who happens to be a Duke-educated lawyer) for emotional distress over the show’s reaction to the outcome of the UK-UNC game
What I’m listening to: PUP – The Dream is Over because it’s been a while since I slammed the repeat button on a solid punk rock album and prepping for vacation has me needing the energy at work. Plus, if you ever owned an NES, you’ll at least appreciate the video.
What I’m definitely not rewatching anymore since Netflix removed it: 30 Rock.
it me
What’s Trending on ELGL?
Diversity Dashboard! – Do you want to be a part of the next generation of Local Government, where governments are *gasp* representative of the people they represent? US TOO! Let’s make it happen together!
I Have To Ask You: Transitioning into the Public Realm – If you never had to make this transition, you’re one of the lucky ones. It’s scary! But also comforting. But also scary! This is a good read about that harrowing time.
Wellness Plans for the WIN! – I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things about Gaithersburg is our Wellness Program, because it’s a win-win. They pay me to stay fit, essentially, and I don’t get winded climbing the stairs – which, of course, leads to better work (and more of it)!
Let’s BUZZ!
Good morning!
(Editor’s note: When I wrote that top part and that title about back yards, the following was all I had. But now it’s a thing and I’m not gonna change it. Enjoy!)
Like, Yeah In My Backyard: The Colorado Springs Independent reports that homes near marijuana dispensaries are experiencing a contact high when it comes to property value.
(Editor’s other note: If you rearrange the first letters in “top part” you get “Pop Tart.”)
Use Your Backyard While You Still Have It – In a throwback to the first Bush administration, EPA chief Scott Pruitt has said he’d like to maintain an open dialog with American businesses about the types of regulations that would affect them.
Forward Settling In Others’ Backyards – Salt Lake City is set to become the latest region to opt out of Columbus Day, instead opting to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day on the second Monday of this month.
Thanks for sticking with me this far! As a reward (for both of us) here’s my favorite GIF of all time – bonus: it’s municipally related!
Truck is Garbage
Have any suggestions for me? Yell at me on Twitter, I can take it!

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