#12 – PeopleSpeak

Posted on September 23, 2020

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It’s #ELGLHaverford time! We’re pleased to recognize the top 25 local government companies as nominated by ELGL members. Learn more about the Haverford Award, and then check out our website every day this week to learn about five new companies added to the 2020 Haverford Award list.

Contact information:

Company information:

Nomination information: 

Describe your work and interactions with the nominee – how have you worked with them, on what projects, and in what capacity?

  • People Speak transforms public meetings. Their goal is to help cities create public meetings that are inclusive, convenient, easy, and transparent. 

What was the product/outcome of your relationship with the company?

  • Using People Speak has allowed public meeting comments to more accurately represent city/town demographics. By recording meetings in advance, people are able to watch and comment at a time that is most convenient for them.

What are three words you’d use to describe the company?

  • Responsive, Flexible, Affordable

What’s the most interesting or fun aspect of your work with the company?

  • They have flipped the script on public hearings. Not only is it easy for community members to comment, it is also easier for local government employees through paperless efficiencies and fewer in-person comments.

What is the company’s pricing structure? Please be as descriptive as possible.

  • Pricing available by quote only

How has your relationship with the company evolved or changed over time? How has the company reacted to or addressed any changes that your organization has requested in the scope/focus of your work together?

  • People Speak has been extremely flexible to the changing conditions of COVID. They listen to their communities and incorporate feedback and ideas. For example, they incorporated a live streaming option, an option to create minutes with a voting feature, new options for commenting, and more.
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