Podcast: Data Download Examining Women in the Profession #13Percent Measures to Meaning

Posted on July 1, 2016


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Kirsten (Twitter & LinkedIn)

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In this episode of GovLove, Kirsten Wyatt and Stacy Schweikhart discuss their five part blog series (read part I, part II and part III) on the recently released ICMA data on women in the profession. Kirsten and Stacy talk about some of the trends they’re seeing in the data, and call on all ELGL members to review the data set and offer their ideas and comments on how ELGL can advance the #13Percent (our name for the startling low percentage of women in local gov CAO positions) problem and #BalanceTheBench (our name for the outcome we want to see – equity in local gov CAO leadership).

Supplemental Reading

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