1984 with Megan Smit, County of Cabarrus, NC

Posted on February 5, 2015

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Report: Glass Ceiling Still Strong in Local Government

30 years and no change in the percent (13%) of women managers in local government. It’s time for a change. We’re asking you for your perspective and ideas for action. In the next several months, we’ll introduce a series of initiatives to address the 13 percent issue.

Megan Smit


Cabarrus County – Clerk to the Board

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Where were you in 1984?
I wasn’t born yet…so I guess the cabbage patch (that’s where babies come from, right?
Describe your view of whether local government has been effective in attracting a diverse workforce.
The local government highway has a lot of room to grow when it comes to racial and gender diversity. I’m hopeful for increasing diversity in my workplace and the possibilities and strengths that can bring to our communities and future.
Wave a magic wand and give us three suggestions for improving diversity in the local government workforce.
Clapping_Magic_If there was a magic wand that worked on mindsets, we’d know about it. Mindset is one of the largest barriers women are up against in local government, a field that has been predominantly male-driven in the past. I believe mindsets can be changed inch by inch, person by person – so I want to see more women in leadership, more minorities in leadership, because that’s when the mindset of the past can be whittled into an overlook to our future.
Last year I went to a workshop for women in leadership. There wasn’t a single man there. I believe if we’re going to increase diversity in the workplace, the education and collaboration needs to include all the key players.
I think diversity in local government needs to be promoted to our youth, perhaps through programs where high school students and tour government facilities and see the work that goes on there. Big plus if we can show them that there’s a place in government for them, regardless of their race or gender.
Give us the names of the professionals that you look up to.  Management Team

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