2018 City Hall Selfie Awards

Posted on August 21, 2018

Queer Eye

This year, City Hall Selfie Day was more than 24 hours. The selfies started at 6:00 p.m EST on August 14 as Australia reminded us that it is International City Hall Selfie Day. “It’s more than just a picture” became the unofficial theme of the day. Some local governments reminded the public about the many services that we provide. Others engaged the community to increase the reach of their social media. While a few showcased what they have to offer potential employees.

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ELGL Members Choice Award

Queer Eye. City of Kansas City. Alyssa Dinberg. Winner!

Queer Eye

Queer Eye

Queer Eye

Best Promo for City Hall Selfie Day: City of Atlanta, Georgia

In this 30 second video, Atlanta conveys everything that you needed to know about City Hall Selfie Day. It’s also a quick hitting video with a very professional look.

Best Photography: Ember Strange, City of Little Rock, Arkansas

ELGL loves splash pads. ELGL loves City Hall Selfie Day. Ember combined our two loves with the City Hall Selfie entry. Props to Ember for celebrating City Hall Selfie Day by taking 27 selfies.

Most Creative: City of Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins went ‘meta’ on City Hall Selfie Day. Staff let the camera get their best side (and every other side).

Best Drone Selfie: City of Las Vegas, Nevada

It figures that Las Vegas would know how to put on a production for City Hall Selfie Day. This 30-second clip shows how Vegas used a drone to raise the excitement level for City Hall Selfie Day. NHL’s Vegas Knights might need to borrow the creative minds of city staff for their pre-game productions this year.

Selfie from the Biggest City: City of Phoenix, Arizona

City Hall Selfie

Phoenix is the fifth largest city in the United States, but number #1 in City Hall Selfie Day participation compared to the other top 10 US cities (based on population). Phoenix showcased a versatile game — Room SelfieParks & RecLibrary, and Participation.

Selfie With the Most Famous People: Cast of Parks and Recreation

Pawnee Pride! is showcased in this selfie tweeted by the NBC Parks and Recreation crew. With Parks & Rec being ELGL’s spirtual founder, this selfie is everything we could have dreamed of.

Best Wrap Up Video: City of Fontana, California

Pharell Wiliiams and City Hall Selfie Day — it’s the perfect match which we realized after watching this catchy video from the City of Fontana. City of Pflugerville, Texas was a close runner up with their video incorporating city services and selfies.

Best Dressed: James Gaston (Petersburg, VA) and John Titkanich (Cocoa, FL)

We have a tie because of bowties! For the first time in City Hall Selfie Day award history, we have two winners. We think you’ll agree with the decision when you view the pictures.

Most Historic: Three Generations of Local Governments

How ’bout three local government stars from three different generations. That’s what was captured on City Hall Selfie Day – Alicia Hills Dorsey – Director of HR – University Park Texas, William A. Hills, (Her Father) Director of Housing and Neighborhood Services from Grand Prairie, Texas , and grandparents retired elected & public servants in El Paso, Texas.

Best Lighting: Town of Clarkdale, AZ

It’s electrifying! Clarkdale used lightning to win the lighting award. This selfie showcases Clarkdale’s love of local government.

Funniest Selfie: City of Venice, Florida

City Hall Selfie

Dolla’, dolla’ bills… Venice is the runaway winner with the “money doesn’t grow on trees” selfie.

Best Selfie by an Elected Official: Long Beach, CA Mayor

Mayors and city councilors stepped up their game this year. The Mayor of Long Beach gets the nod for incorporating current events and staff into the selfie.

Best Selfie Involving a Reporter: Cindy Farmer, Fox 8 News Anchor

This is our fastest growing category. We loved seeing the pictures from television reporters and news reporters.

Appendicitis could not get in the way of Cindy Farmer’s City Hall Selfie Day celebration. While it wasn’t exactly a city hall selfie, we reward her effort for the hospital selfie. Last year’s winner Abby Becker once again had a strong showing.

Best Selfie Involving an Animal: City of Issaquah

Issaquah has long been a leader in local government communications. They have developed a built-in advantage by deploying Sasquatch for special occasions. The panda from Rockville, MD was a close runner up for the award.

Best Lighting: Town of Clarkdale, AZ

It’s electrifying! Clarkdale used lightning to win the lighting award. This selfie showcases Clarkdale’s love of local government.

Funniest Selfie: City of Venice, Florida

Dolla’, dolla’ bills… Venice is the runaway winner with the “money doesn’t grow on trees” selfie.

Best Use of Props: City of River Falls, Wisconsin

Riding mower, leaf blower, weed wacker, rakes, and (yikes!) mallet — the City of River Falls changed it up with “City Hall Selfie Switch-Up Day” which featured different departments in situations which they normally wouldn’t be in.

Best Library Selfie: El Paso, Texas Public Library

Edgar & the youth services staff bring home the gold medal! You could put Edgar in any picture and he’d compete for the top prize. The Phoenix Library finished second by showcasing their 17 locations.

Most Selfies by One Person: Sarah Gamblin-Luig, City of St. Louis, MO

Back-to-Back! Sarah Gamblin-Luig, City of St. Louis, MO, grabs the title for the second year in a row. She took 62 selfies in 24 hours. Beth Scanlon became only the second person to person the 50 #CityHallSelfie pictures in a day. She was able to take 52. Also deserving of props are Alexander Frumkin and Brandon Kowalke.

Best Selfie by a Citizen: Connie Lynn’s Kids, City of Oak Creek, WI

It’s always tough to top kids especially when they are holding a ELGL #CityHallSelfie Day sign. Christian Williams’ mom and Francie Palmer’s sister provided stiff competition for this award.

Best Hat: Erica, City of McMinnville, Oregon

City Hall Selfie

Hats were popular during City Hall Selfie Day. While Erica landed the top prize, the City of Gaithersburg, MD finished a close second.

Selfie from the Smallest City: Neal Wendele, Todd Mission, Texas, Population: 111

This was a population category. A couple of the runner ups include: Maia Knox entered the Town of Index, WA (population: 199); the Small Town Podcast submitted Siloam, GA (population: 277.); and Antonito, CO (population: 756) gained a nomination.

State with the Most Selfies: Georgia

Georgia Cities

The Georgia Municipal Association encouraged more than 100 Georgia cities to take part in City Hall Selfie Day. In order to spread the word they used social media, email campaigns and in-person visits to cities across the state. Emails included detailed instructions for cities to share on their official social media channels or send to us to share on ours. This year they also created some healthy competition amongst our district representatives to see who’s district would have the highest participation. This not only increased the amount of new participants but also helped them reach out and better connect with our member cities.

Best Promo from a Non-Government Entity: Chris Searcy, Alabama News Network

This video has it all – learn how to take a selfie, a mayor explaining the meaning behind the day, and then the mayor and reporter taking a selfie. H/T to Pike Road, Alabama Mayor Gordon Stone and Alabama League of Municipalities.

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