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Posted on December 30, 2014

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We’re counting down the hits from 2014…..

#10: SeeClickFix Names ELGL as a Civic Space Leader,

#9: ELGL expanding to Washington State,

#8: Foreignness of Local Government,

#7 Two Cities. Two Mayors. One Cause

#6: A Night of Funk(houser)


#4: Faces of the Future – American City County Magazine

#3: Content, Content, Content


234,864. That’s the number of views that ELGL.org has received this year.

We pride ourselves on offering original content written by professionals in the local government arena. Our columnists are the lifeblood of our website. They aren’t getting paid, they are doing it because they believe we need to do a better job of telling our story.

Beth Otto, Bridget Doyle, Patrick Rollens, Ben McCready, and Kent Wyatt were some of our first columnists. In 2014, we greatly expanded the lineup to include professionals such as: Andrew Coulson, Ashleigh Weeden, Brittany Bennett, Christian Williams, Connor Reed, Emily Leuning, Katie Babits, Kathy Peck, Kim Ervin, and Ian Davidson.

The ELGL web team religiously monitors web stats and has compiled the most viewed articles in 2014.

  1. The Great Debate: City Manager vs. Assistant City Manager
  2. The Rule of 5: How to Succeed in Local Government
  3. Rest of the Story on Writing Your Position Out of the Budget
  4. PDX to RDU: The Job Search with Ben Kittelson
  5. Communication Breakdown: Press Releases Aren’t Dead?
  6. One Minute Raps in the City of River Falls, Wisconsin
  7. Part II: Future of Local Government – 6 Critical Skills to Strengthen
  8. 6 Tips for Writing a Resume by Katie Babits, Veneta, OR
  9. Just One Thing: 85 Action Items For Strengthening Local Government
  10. Forecasting the Future of Local Government: 4 Observations Impacting Our Future

What’s Ahead in 2015

  • Keep on, keepin’ on – we’ll continue to add to columnists to write about the most relevant issues in government.
  • Our website remodel will make it easier to find the content that you want.
  • We challenge you to take a shot at contributing at least one article this year.
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