A Message from the City of McMinnville’s Police Chief

ELGL member Kylie Bayer, HR Manager with the City of McMinnville shares a leadership/communication tidbit with ELGL members. Connect with Kylie on LinkedIn and Twitter!  The City of McMinnville’s Police Chief, Matt Scales, shared the following communication with the McMinnville Police Department. As an example of “leaning in” to the reforms being demanded by people … Continued

Probationary Periods… What a Joke!

Today’s Buzz is by Kylie Bayer, City of McMinnville (LinkedIn, Twitter) What I’m reading – High Crimes What I’m doing – Recovering from Feast Portland and Rose City Comic Con. The ambivert in me is ready to not talk to humans for a while. What I’m looking forward to – Fall conference season: #ELGLRoadTrip, NEOGOV, … Continued

Trauma, Compassion, and Training

Today’s Buzz is brought to you by Kylie Bayer, HR Manager with the City of McMinnville (Twitter, LinkedIn) (Please excuse my lack of photos/GIFs, I didn’t bring my mouse to Sunriver, OR and am writing this Buzz with a Surface Pro and a healthy level of resentment toward my husband for taking me on a … Continued

Problem Solving Negotiations Training Recap

Today’s Buzz is by Kylie Bayer, HR Manager, City of McMinnville, OR Connect: Twitter or LinkedIn What I’m Listening To: Lizzo. Loudly. Also maybe this playlist… What I’m Reading: Do You Have Kids? Life When The Answer Is No by Kate Kaufmann What I’m Watching: Game 5 of the Portland/OKC playoff series and giggling at … Continued

How To Handle the Death of a Coworker

Today’s Buzz is by Kylie Bayer, HR Manager with the City of McMinnville. LinkedIn & Twitter What I’m Watching: Schitt’s Creek and I have never laughed harder. Highly recommend. What I’m Reading: White Oleander, I never read it! What I’m Listening to: an HR podcast, Kammersations. It’s a podcast through our benefits/insurance provider, Citycounty Insurance … Continued

Navigating Rocky Labor/Management Terrain

Today’s Morning Buzz is by Kylie Bayer, HR Manager (LinkedIn, Twitter) with the City of McMinnville. What I’m Watching: Chef’s Table  What I’m Listening To: Whatever Alexa plays when I say “Alexa, play pop music.” What I’m Reading: A cookbook called Salad Days, it makes me want to eat more veggies. In the final interview … Continued

We’re All Recruiters!

Right Now with Kylie Bayer (LinkedIn/Twitter) What I’m reading: The Power of Collaboration What I’m watching: Sabrina The Teenage Witch What I’m listening to: My ten-month-old puppy snoring next to me Everyone is a recruiter and employees (and former employees, more on that later) are one of your best bets in finding a great candidate for … Continued

Maintaining Job Descriptions

Right Now with Kylie Bayer, Human Resources Manager, City of McMinnville (LinkedIn, Twitter) What I’m reading: Mink River by Brian Doyle What I’m watching: Just finished Big Mouth. It’s about growing up. It’s gross but pretty darn accurate and I love it. But really, it’s vulgar and gross so don’t start it unless you can handle gross. … Continued

Morning Buzz: Recapping Lots of New Ideas

What I’m listening to – Kingsley and Frankie Simone. I saw them at #TEDxMtHood on Saturday and their performances were super high energy! What I’m watching – Call the Midwife, I’m hooked after catching it during my last dental appointment. I’m also going to get started on Salt Fat Heat Acid soon. What I’m reading – Updated chapters of … Continued

New Job Jitters

What I’m reading: *gulp* nothing… Hope to start Crazy Rich Asians this weekend. What I’m watching: Ugly Delicious What I’m doing: Avoiding laundry and all other household chores! New job jitters, they’ll getcha. I got the new job jitters about three weeks ago when I started my first new job in TEN YEARS. As an … Continued

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