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Podcast: Vision Zero and Tactical Urbanism with Barkha Patel, Jersey City, NJ

Barkha Patel Director of Infrastructure City of Jersey City, NJ LinkedIn | Website Infrastructure feedback in real-time. Barkha Patel, Director of Infrastructure for the City of Jersey City, New Jersey, joined the podcast to talk about infrastructure and vision zero. She shared how the City implements tactical urbanism, the creation of the Department of Infrastructure, … Continued

Podcast: Hiring a 21st Century Workforce with Alex Lawrence, Boston, MA

Alex Lawrence Chief People Officer City of Boston, MA Twitter | LinkedIn Human-centered local government. Alex Lawrence, Chief People Officer for the City of Boston, Massachusetts, joined the podcast to talk about hiring a 21st-century workforce. She discussed new recruitment strategies, managing change, updating personnel policies, and innovative benefits. Host: Kirsten Wyatt Subscribe: Learn More Alex … Continued

Podcast: Mindful Public Management with Ian Coyle, Livingston County, NY

Ian Coyle County Administrator Livingston County, NY Website | Twitter | LinkedIn Grateful government. Ian Coyle, County Administrator for Livingston County, New York, joined the podcast to talk about mindfulness in local government. He discussed the mindfulness framework, what makes it unique to local government, and incorporating mindfulness tactics into your everyday work. Host: Lauren Palmer Subscribe: Learn … Continued

Podcast: Digital Innovation with Sara Hall, Philadelphia, PA

Sara Hall Director of Digital Services City of Philadelphia, PA Website | Twitter |LinkedIn Phila Dot Gov. Sara Hall, Director of Digital Services with the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, joined the podcast to talk about digital innovation. She discussed the work of the Digital Services team she leads, improving the City’s website, and best practices for managing change. … Continued

Podcast: Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency with Grace Rink, Denver, CO

Grace Rink Executive Director of Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency City of Denver, CO LinkedIn Urgently responding to the climate crisis. Grace Rink, Chief Climate Officer and Executive Director of the Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency with the City of Denver, Colorado, joined the podcast to talk about Denver’s climate action … Continued

Podcast: Equity and Engagement in Decatur, GA with Renae Jackson

Renae Jackson Equity and Engagement Director City of Decatur, GA LinkedIn Transformative action in equity. Renae Jackson, Equity and Engagement Director with the City of Decatur, Georgia, joined the podcast to talk about her work in equity and engagement. She shared lessons learned in her previous role in communications, detailed her new role, and how … Continued

Podcast: Community Carbon Neutrality in Ann Arbor, MI with Dr. Missy Stults

Dr. Misty Stults Sustainability and Innovations Director City of Ann Arbor, MI LinkedIn Addressing climate change, now. Dr. Misty Stults, Sustainability and Innovations Director with the City of Ann Arbor, Michigan, joined the podcast to talk about climate action and sustainability. She shared details from the City’s A2ZERO Climate Action Plan, including electrification and incorporating … Continued

Podcast: Integrating Data with Justin Elszasz, Baltimore, MD

Justin Elszasz Chief Data Officer City of Baltimore, MD Twitter | LinkedIn Incorporating data into local government. Justin Elszasz, Chief Data Officer with the City of Baltimore, Maryland, joined the podcast to talk about integrating data into local government. He shared the role of the digital services team, how the team work with other departments, … Continued

Podcast: High Performance Organizations with Hannes Zacharias, University of Kansas

Hannes Zacharias Professor of Practice University of Kansas Bio | LinkedIn Culture eats strategy. Hannes Zacharias, Professor of Practice at the University of Kansas School of Public Affairs and Administration, joined the podcast to talk about high performance organizations. He shared the traits of high performance of organizations, the importance of culture, and how to … Continued

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