#CityHallSelfie Day: Best Promotion

Posted on August 23, 2019

We’re slow-rolling the winner announcements from 2019 #CityHallSelfie day! Learn more about each of our winners in each post, or see all the winners in one page on this page#CityHallSelfie award winners receive a trophy and selfie stick from Bang the Table.

Winner of the #CityHallSelfie Day Award for Best Promotion Goes to:

City of Boulder, Colorado!


Why They Won: The creativity in this photo fully encapsulates the spirit of local government employees in Boulder, Colorado. We love the interesting and new perspectives they continue to bring into all that they do. Thanks for being cheerleaders for #CityHallSelfie Day as well as avid supporters and content contributors to ELGL!

Honorable Mention

City of Atlanta, Georgia

City of Fontana, California

City Hall Selfie Day in the News

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