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About Cartegraph

ELGL features "deep dives" into a local government topic with the help of our partners. These opportunities build out our content, webinar, podcast, and graphic libraries to provide our members with helpful and meaningful information that will improve their local governments.

Learn more on this page about Cartegraph and High Performance Government. ELGL and Cartegraph have a long relationship focused on sharing information about how local governments can be more effective, more efficient, and more productive for their citizens.

Cartegraph software helps local governments capture data, analyze it, and prepare for the future, empowering you to deliver the best possible outcome for your community—in any situation.

Annually, ELGL and Cartegraph award the Clarity Award to local governments that are telling clear, compelling stories, and engaging their employees and/or their residents by moving the needle in measurable, actionable ways. Award applications are typically released in January of each year.

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