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Rewind: Stormwater Best Management Practices and Potential Funding Solutions

Here’s the video from the Milford, MI #ELGLRoadTrip event titled Stormwater Best Management Practices and Potential Funding Solutions. At this luncheon event, attendees learned how stormwater runoff can have significant negative impacts on the quality of the water in our lakes, rivers, and streams. For many communities, these assets serve as vital sources of drinking … Continued

Rewind: Fort Lauderdale #ELGLRoadTrip Video

This is the video from the #ELGLRoadTrip event held in Fort Lauderdale, FL the week of September 23, 2019. In a data-driven economy, providing value means being able to translate data rapidly into value-adding information. Presented in partnership with the Center for State & Local Government Excellence (SLGE)!

Rewind: Transylvania County #ELGLRoadTrip Slide Deck

This is the slide deck from the #ELGLRoadTrip event held in Transylvania County, NC the week of September 23, 2019. More than half of Transylvania County is public land (rare for the Eastern part of the US) and we draw heavily on that public land for niche tourist businesses, but it also hinders our property … Continued

Rewind: #ELGLRoadTrip in Sharonville, OH

Missed the #ELGLRoadTrip in Sharonville, Ohio on September 27, 2019? No worries – we have a video from the “Inner-Ring Suburbs: Challenges and Opportunities” presentation organized by our Ohio ELGL members:

Rewind: #ELGLRoadTrip in Boulder, CO

Missed the #ELGLRoadTrip in Boulder, Colorado on September 26, 2019? No worries – we have a video from the “Four Seasons of Local Government Leadership” presentation organized by our Mountain ELGL members:

#ELGLRoadTrip Tacoma: Use of an Equity Index

On September 25, 2019, #ELGLRoadTrip visited Tacoma, WA to learn about the city’s use of an equity index for policy decisions. Here’s the slide deck from the engaging 60-minute presentation from Alison Beason with the City of Tacoma. Download the slide deck.

#ELGLRoadTrip Sponsors

#ELGLRoadTrips are made possible thanks to the support of our event sponsors. Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with these organization that are helping to make the 27 #ELGLRoadTrip events happen! Title Sponsors:   GovLaunch Miller Canfield Novak Consulting Group Oracle Presenting Sponsors: eCivis Stae

Student Ticket Price for #ELGLRoadTrip

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, we are offering student tickets to any #ELGLRoadTrip event for 50 percent off. Simply select the ticket type and use the discount code StudentRoadTripper at check-out. (If you’re currently a member, use the “ELGL Member” ticket type; if you’re not a member, select the “Non-Member option you prefer … Continued

Going on a Road Trip With What Works Cities

ELGL and What Works Cities are partnering once again to bring local government learning about how cities with with data to two #ELGLRoadTrip locations! This year, What Works Cities will host learning opportunities in conjunction with the #ELGLRoadTrip events in Little Rock, Arkansas, and Tarrant County, Texas. Learn more about the sessions below, and register … Continued

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