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Posted on June 29, 2021

Splash into Local Gov
Many of us have heard many times from colleagues and even when telling our own stories of how we just happen to fall or “splash” into local government. In local government we know that recruiting graduates fresh out of school can prove to be difficult and many of us, didn’t even know what our local governments really did until we also joined the profession! In our hope to continue to capture the wonderful stories of local government, please participate in this summer writing series!
Writing Prompts
  • How did you “splash” into local government? Did you have a plan or just accidentally end up here? 
  • Why do you think local government is a good career path?     
  • For people who may be up in the air about their future in local government, what advice would you give them? 
  • What are your thoughts on how we recruit new graduates into this field and from there how do we retain this talent?      
  • What can we do as a profession to help make local government more appealing to folks who aren’t in on the secret of how fun of a career path it is?    


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