“Cookingham Connection” Column Starts on Friday

Posted on July 23, 2014

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cookinghamStarting on Friday, ELGL will begin an exciting new column series where we’ll share columns drafted by engaged and emerging leaders that reflect on one of L.P. Cookingham’s guideposts for city managers.  You’ll recall that L.P. was the city manager of Kansas City, MO, and is regarded as the “father” of modern city management.  L.P. recorded his 22 guideposts in 1956.  This ELGL column will explore these guideposts in 2014.

The engaged manager will review the guidepost, reflect on it, and share 500-1,000 words about the guidepost and how they find it to be (or not to be) relevant in the city management profession today.  They’ll share experiences, philosophical ideas, anecdotes – whatever it is that helps explain this guidepost in the world of a modern local government professional.

The emerging manager will review the guidepost, reflect on it, and read the engaged manager’s column.  Then, they’ll share 500-1,000 words about this guidepost and their perspectives.

We hope you enjoy reviewing and reflecting on the guideposts, as we bring L.P.’s vision into the 21st century!


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