Data Download: Measures to Meaning – Part 3

Posted on June 27, 2016


Data Download: Measures to Meaning is a five part series by Kirsten Wyatt and Stacy Schweikhart about the recently released data on the numbers of women in local government management, as collected and distributed by ICMA.

Part I: The Data Download
Part II: Finding Meaning in the Measures
Part III: Insights and Ideas Challenge
Part IV: Insights and Ideas Revealed
Part V: ELGL’s Commitment to Leading Progress

Part III: Insights & Ideas Challenge

By Kirsten Wyatt, Executive Director, ELGL &
Stacy Schweikhart, Community Information Manager, Kettering, Ohio

Thanks for taking the time to read and reflect on part I and part II of this series on the recently released women in the profession data, from ICMA. As you know, we’ve been slicing and dicing and reviewing the data in the hopes of drawing some important conclusions, developing a work plan for ELGL on how we approach #13Percent as an organization, and including our members in this important conversation.

We’d really like to hear from all of you about what you’re seeing in the data set. You can download it here into your favorite spreadsheet tool, and then use the below form to share your thoughts with us. We’ll compile all of the responses we receive and will share them in part IV of this series.

You can even submit your ideas anonymously (but if you do include your name, we’ll send you a copy of all of the responses that we receive).

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