Morning Buzz: Confession

What I’m listening to – I can’t hear anything over my space heater What I’m watching – Much to my dismay I don’t control the remote in my all boy house, so typically Impractical Jokers or BattleBots What I’m reading – Buddhist Path to Simplicity     Confession: I would have stayed in grad school for the rest … Continued

Kudos to GovPros & Keep Them Flowing All Year Long

The #Goviree series is authored by Francie Palmer. The past several months, weeks and in recent days; we have witnessed devastating natural disasters and crisis situations our communities have faced.  Our brothers and sisters in fire, police, city, county, state and federal government have been called to action using training they had hoped they’d never … Continued

Morning Buzz – IAP2 Foundations of Public Participation

Susan Barkman shares a review for the IAP2 Foundations of Public Participation training. What I am watching: Bones What I am listening to: My iPhone is on shuffle, so whatever it decides. What I am reading: I just moved so I am in between at the moment… In graduate school, I found one of my … Continued

Implementing a Plan Takes a Village

The latest from City of Lubbock AJ Fawver in the Planning & Shaping Cities Series. Imagine (and some of you won’t have to imagine too hard!),  you’ve just completed a plan for your city (or neighborhood, or downtown, and so forth).  You presented it for adoption to your governing body, and a unanimous vote sealed the … Continued

Scottsdale Serves Using Nextdoor

Scottsdale, AZ Management Fellow & ELGL Member, Rachel Hudgens  interviews John Stumbaugh, Solid Waste Program representative about Scottsdale’s use of the Nextdoor platform . RH: When did the Solid Waste Department begin using the Nextdoor app? JS: The Solid Waste Department started using the app two years ago. RH: Why did the department decide to … Continued

The Local Government Winding Road: Why Leaving Could Enhance Your Career

By Greg Stopka, Strategy and Innovation Manager, Park District of Oak Park In 2011, I accepted the position of central region director with the Alliance for Innovation, leaving the local government world I had spent three years in previously as a budget intern and an assistant to the city administrator. Leaving what many consider the … Continued

That’s the Last Straw!

Right Now with Mario Smith (LinkedIn/Twitter)   There is no doubt we have a plastic problem. Our oceans are plagued with it and streets full of it. How do we fix this issue? We take baby steps. First up, straws. Seattle became the first major city to ban the use of plastic straws and utensils. … Continued

Podcast: The First Lady of Water, Cathy Bailey, Cincinnati, OH

Cathy B. Bailey Director of Greater Cincinnati Water Works Department (GCWW) Cincinnati, Ohio LinkedIn | Twitter The Director of the Greater Cincinnati Water Works Department, Cathy B. Bailey, joined GovLove to talk about her career path. Cathy started as a chemist in 1992 for the Cincinnati, OH water department and was named the director in 2015. She talked … Continued

Dashboard Reflections: Race, Age and Need for More Data

Rafael Baptista is the Strategic Planning and Performance Analyst for the City of Raleigh, North Carolina. He is a contributing author to Careers in Government. He holds a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Politics and Spanish from Willamette University where he was a member of the debate team. He is also a proud MPA graduate of the University of … Continued

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