Holding Space

Posted on November 23, 2018

Walking home

I’ll keeping this one short and sweet.

We all know someone struggling this holiday season.  And we all know someone who is struggling and holding it all in so no one knows.

May we all remember that we have colleagues, co-workers and yes, even constituents we serve, who are bearing burdens this holiday season seen and unseen.

Grief, no matter how new or how far in the past the loss, comes to the surface this time of year. Mental health realities intensify.  Physical health deteriorates as a result of emotional stress.

We can’t fix or take away these burdens for others no matter how much we try.  There’s nothing we can say, nothing anyone can say to us, that erases the suffering.

The best gift we can hope to give is to hold space.  To see another person’s pain, to acknowledge it with reverence instead of shame. To bear authentic witness, not try to be a caped superhero who has the power to sweep in and save the world.

This holiday season make a commitment to look around you with open eyes and an open heart.

Remember this, we are all just here to walk each other home.

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