Deep Thoughts with Whitney Rhodes, Pierce County, WA

Posted on September 23, 2014

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Prepare for #ELGL14 by learning about who is attending. Find out if you’ll be surrounded by soft talkers, loud eaters, and finger biters or whether you’ll be surrounded by the best in local government.

Whitney Rhodes


Pierce County Auditor’s Office – Assistant to the Auditor

Connect: LinkedIn and Twitter

(Complete the sentence) #ELGL14 is……

……. Comic Con for local government nerds.

 Registration for #ELGL14 cost $60. If you could use that $60 to buy something else, what would you buy?mug_shots_of_people_wearing_hilariously_ironic_tshirts_640_16

Ironic t-shirts. I’ve heard those are the new hipster thing.

If #ELGL14 spun off into a music festival, what bands (dead or alive) would you like to see?

  • The Lumineers
  • Neko Case
  • Macklemore

During your time in Portland for #ELGL14, how do you plan on “Keeping Portland Weird?”

I will be wearing big glasses, flannel, drinking local coffee, and eating hyper-local food. Oh and getting lost in Powell’s of course.

(Complete the sentence) I feel old when…

…I try to use Snapchat.

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