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Posted on April 24, 2019

Diversity Dashboard

ELGL’s Diversity Dashboard measures the demographic data of local government leaders, and reports that information in a real-time dashboard.

ELGL relies on grassroots outreach through our members and network to distribute the quick and easy survey that asks about demographics of the chief administrative officer (CAO) and assistant chief administrative officer (ACAO) in a local government unit.

This data is assembled into the Diversity Dashboard portal each week, so it can be compared and contrasted across jurisdictions by population size, form of government, state, and more.

Your assistance with grassroots outreach is appreciated; the more people who take this survey, the better the dashboard is at showing trends and statistics about what local government leadership looks like. Included below are some tools you can copy and use to encourage participation in your network:


The @ELGL50 #DiversityDashboard survey is live and ready for you to record your #localgov leadership demographic data! “What gets measured gets improved” and adding your org’s data helps us understand what local leadership looks like. https://publicinput.com/diversity

Facebook Post

@Engaging Local Government Leaders annual collects data on local government leaders to better understand the demographics of city, county, and district leaders. Please take the #DiversityDashboard survey today, or share it with your local leaders for their completion. Learn more at DiversityDashboard.org!


The 2019 ELGL Diversity Dashboard survey is live and ready for you to complete it so your community’s data is logged into an interactive dashboard measuring the demographics of local government leaders. The survey is short and only takes a few minutes to complete. You can provide responses for yourself or for your organization.

Please take the survey online here: https://publicinput.com/diversity. ELGL collects this information because “what gets measured gets improved” and if we can first understand the diversity of local government leaders, we can be most effective at finding ways to increase and encourage diversity and inclusion in the local government field.

Each week, ELGL uploads the completed survey responses to the live DiversityDashboard.org site, so data can be analyzed. Your personal information will not be included, and data will not be used for any purpose other than this project analysis.

Please take the survey today so your local government is included in this year’s Diversity Dashboard!

Outreach Request

Thank you for considering this request to assist with the distribution of the ELGL Diversity Dashboard survey. ELGL is the Engaging Local Government Leaders network; you can learn more at ELGL.org.

The Diversity Dashboard collects and arrays demographic data about local government leaders in a dashboard that can be used for understanding and analysis. Your assistance in distributing the short Diversity Dashboard survey to your network/association is much appreciated; the more responses in the Dashboard, the more informative it is.

There are two ways you can help:

You can email out the survey with a short blurb about it. Here’s the survey and here are some sample messages.

Or, you can share your list and ELGL can send the survey link and an overview of the project on your behalf.

Again, thank you for your help in sharing this important survey with your organization. The saying “what gets measured gets improved” is important and with your help, we can collect a more accurate measurement of local government leadership diversity.


Please use these graphics to share information about the Diversity Dashboard. Use the gold ribbon on social media to indicate that your organization has completed the Diversity Dashboard survey!

I Took the Survey_FB

Diversity Dashboard goal ribbon

Social Media or Web Ad

You can paste this ad onto your social media pages or website to advertise the Diversity Dashboard survey. Link to DiversityDashboard.org or https://elgl.org/dd2021 for a clickable graphic.

Diversity Dashboard Image

Please tailor and pull graphics from our Diversity Dashboard Graphics folder. Questions? Need some more tailored materials for your outreach? Send us an email and we’re here to help.

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