Don’t Dump Trash on Your Attitude

Posted on December 13, 2017

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By Shauna Kaczynski, City of Kettering, Ohio, Clerk of Council
Do you ever wake up dreading the workday because of the work facing you that day? Each of us is guilty of doing that, and we may have this attitude before we enter the office. Unfortunately, that is the daily struggle of a City Clerk, more work to be done than time permits.

Clerks are the heartbeat of a city and what we do is very important. You can think of us as a spark to an engine, without a spark an engine will not run. Without us, a city will not be able to operate.

With that added weight and pressure, how we show up to work is imperative. The way you show up to work can reflect what’s happening in your personal life. When you are angry about a small request from a colleague or a citizen, you should ask yourself whether you are mad because they interrupted your work, or because of something happening in your personal life. We should remember that behind anger is pain and we shouldn’t bring pain to work. A Clerk has a direct duty and responsibility to create a healthy environment for everyone around them.
A Clerk can create a healthy and stable work environment by encouraging co-workers. We should uplift people who are down to avoid the negativity from sweeping the office.

A Clerk’s positive energy will be contagious and other people will want to reflect that.

A Clerk can create fun activities to help employees elevate stress. This can be as simple as a 3 o’clock yoga stretch or stocking healthy snacks in the break room.
Stress and pressure can lead to feeling on edge or grumpy about work. It is important to remember that positivity is controlled and you have the power to either create it or take it away. Having a positive attitude will positively impact the entire organization. Citizens are more receptive to employees who are nice and treat them with respect. Clerks work for their community and they should treat it like their family. Your community is home and you want to be positive and kind no matter how you may feel.
In closing I will leave you with this, a smile a day can take all of your troubles away.

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