ELGL & YGL Partner for Research on Diversity Perceptions

Posted on August 2, 2018

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ELGL & YGL Partner for Research on Diversity Perceptions

As ELGL works to formalize its commitment to diversity in local government leadership through its Diversity Dashboard project, it is also excited to partner with Young Government Leaders (YGL) to help advance both organizations’ diversity research goals.

YGL’s research initiative aims to learn about how young government employees view diversity and how their views might be different from older generations. The research began with government employees at the federal level, and the hope now is to gather input from state and local employees. YGL and ELGL want to hear how young government employees feel about the role and level of diversity in their state and local government organizations. Interviews will be conducted in each state to get a sense of differences across the country. Then, those interview results will inform the creation of a widely distributed survey to gather usable data and complement the data from the federal level.

“This is incredibly important information we are capturing,” said Joe Maltby, YGL’s Director of Outreach, Research, and Correspondence. “Younger people in government represent the future of public service and we don’t entirely understand how they feel about diversity after a generation of diversity programs, or what they may want to change.  This is a chance for young leaders in government to make their voices heard.”

The YGL and ELGL team is searching for interview subjects in all 50 states. The interviews will take between 10 and 30 minutes and can be conducted via phone or video conference. If you’re interested in being interviewed, please complete the following form.

For more information please contact ELGL superstar Lauren Stott at: lauren.t.stott@gmail.com
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