#ELGL14: Word on the Street

Posted on October 4, 2014

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Limited space remains for #ELGL14 so we polled attendees about what they expect from #ELGL14.

#ELGL14 is…….

……..the embodiment of our collective interest, passion, and dedication to making great places for all of us to call “home”. 

Ben McCready, City of Rock Island, IL

…..a rocketship full of government leaders ready to blast off into total world domination. 

Inessa Vitko, TriMet

….My first trip to the Pacific Northwest, my first time speaking on a panel and my first official business trip. Real jacked.

Bridget Doyle, Village of Lombard, IL

…A first for me, but a great opportunity to meet other local gov leaders with energy and passion for this profession!

Josh Mahar, MRSC

……gonna make you dance now.

Heather Martin, Berry Elsner & Hammond


…..a group of like-minded people looking for ways to collaborate and make positive change happen; an inclusive organization for all ages; fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Jessica Nunley Pelz, City of Newberg, OR

…an amazing network of stellar people from all over the country coming together to share their knowledge, expertise, likes, dislikes, experiences, best practices, and comradery in this crazy world of public administration. 

Victor Sin, City of Beaverton, OR

…..going to have some great stories for us to come away with!

Michelle Tagmyer, City of Beaverton, OR

….. An exciting opportunity to meet other public employees and do the following; learn, laugh at the obscene amounts of memes used by ELGL, meet up with my PSU MPA peeps, and commiserate about how public employment is mostly awesome but sometimes the pits (public comment periods GAH! but totally necessary…)

Kylie Bayer-Fertterer, Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District

…..an up and coming organization of highly motivated individuals who I hope will help me to change the public’s perception of their government.

Brad Kilby, City of Sherwood, OR


…..like that kid in high school who was weird, really into SciFi, incredibly smart, and despite all this quite popular and entertaining. 

Ethan Cirmo, City of Portland, OR

…..an awesome opportunity to attend.

Maya K. Benham, City of Newberg, OR

so hip it can’t see over it’s pelvis.  #ELGL14 is so cool you could store a side of beef in it’s mouth.  (With apologies to the family of Douglas Adams.  Please don’t sue me.)​

David Snider, City of Sandy, OR

…..changing the way people view government, especially people under 35 years old.

Marc Gonzales, Clackamas County, OR

……an incredible opportunity to meet up & comers or those who are already there, hobnobbing at the same event.  It’s better than a live tweet. 

Katie Babits, City of Veneta, OR

….. an affirmation that I am really part of an entirely new career field, one that I would never have guessed I would be a part of back when I got my journalism degree in 2004. 

Patrick Rollens, Village of Oak Park, IL


…..a great opportunity to mingle with like minded people and share ideas on how to improve local government. 

Nyssa Rivera, City of Forest Grove, OR

….. a room full of people who seem too smart to be cool, but they are.

Janice D’Aloia, Mo’ Mix

….going to be the best conference for emerging local government leaders ever. 

Caroline Zavitkovski, Oregon Secretary of State

…..great chance to learn what it takes to interest and support promising professionals in local government careers at all levels.

Gwen Voelpel, City of SeaTac, WA


…..great resource for issues facing government and a cool way to network.

Kathleen J. Rastetter, Clackamas County, OR

…..Going to go by too fast… But I hope to play it back in my mind like an 80’s movie montage.

Josh Gregor, City of Portland, OR

… going to exceed a 98 on a scale of 1 (terrible) to 100 (life-altering).

Anthony Hooper, City of Lake Oswego, OR

….. a gateway to drug to awesome local government leadership.

Jon Amundson, City of Richland, WA


…..fun and fabulous ambassador for the local government profession

Candice Bock, Association of Washington Cities


Jason Labrie, City of Wilsonville, OR

….. Comic Con for local government nerds.

Whitney Rhodes, Pierce County, WA

…..the premier northwest conference. 

Thomas Frank, West Linn City Councilor


….. Like a warm breeze on a summer day… where I long for more but know that winter is on its way.

Zach Pelz, City of West Linn, OR

…..an exciting conference that will help me network, learn, and eat some good food!

Rachel Sykes, Portland State MPA

…..an growing organization that has a lot of potential to influence tomorrows leadership.

Zach Henkin, Drive Oregon

…..the complete package of information and connections.

Lisa Shaw, City of Tigard, OR

…better than a kick in the pants!

Kelly O’Neill Jr., City of Sandy, OR

…..new to me so I’m excited to attend and learn.

Joanna Crean, City of Boulder, CO



…..everything Leslie Knope could ever hope for in a professional conference.

Ian Davidson, City of Lake Oswego, OR

…..where you’ll find your tribe if you love local government, innovation, and great ideas. 

Mac Prichard, Prichard Communications and Mac’s List

……coming up pretty quickly

Sara Doughty, City of Tigard, OR

…..an exciting and new opportunity for me to meet others working in a field that I love.

Alexandra Eldridge, Metro



…..completely unknown to me! This is my first time participating in anything ELGL-related. Is it a cult?  Will there be constant Parks & Rec GIFs (hope so!)?  Is there a secret handshake?  I guess I’ll find out.

Maija Spencer, City of Portland, OR

…..Where I’ll find focus and energy for local government.

Patrick Foiles, City of Lake Oswego, OR

…..where municipal government dreams come true

Katy Tassery, City of Bellevue, WA

….going to be great! I can’t wait.

Ashley Graff, City of Gresham, OR

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