#ELG16 SFO: In the Land of Facebook

Posted on October 12, 2016



October 21, 2016

Arrillaga Recreation Center

700 Alma St.

Menlo Park, CA 94025

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Keynote Sessions:

#13percent in the World of Obstacle Racing – Amelia Boone, one of the world’s most decorated obstacle racers, introduced by Rebecca Woodbury, City of San Rafael

Tomorrow’s Political Landscape – Political leaders under 40 share their perspective on how the political landscape is changing

The Future of Civic Technology and Leapfrog Democracies – David Evan Harris, Chancellor’s Public Scholar, UC Berkeley and the Institute for the Future

Conference Sessions:

Trends in Tech: What are new emerging technologies?  What tools can help local government be more effective at delivering services? What barriers and opportunities should local governments be addressing?

60 Ideas in 60 Minutes: What has made a difference in your professional, personal or family life? These local government professionals share 60 ideas that have helped them be successful.

Does Size Matter? Learn the differences of working at a city with a population of 1,000 versus 3 million. These managers share the pros and cons, challenges and opportunities of various sized communities and organizations.

Changing World of Public Safety: Police Chiefs and Captains share the lessons learned from the last few years. How have our communities’ expectations changed and how can local governments meet this challenge?

Doing More Than Checking the Public Process Box: It’s not enough to “check the box” on public process. Learn about effective engagement strategies to solve complex problems and build community.

Sustainability – How Branding & Marketing Can Influence Positive Behavior: Having policies and programs in place is only one step in addressing the effects of climate change. How can local governments actually impact behaviors and change the course of our future? This session is designed to discuss creative and effective ideas for doing just that.

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Networking Mixer

Make contacts with conference attendees and meet speakers at an onsite networking mixer after the conference!
Drink tickets included in your registration.

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