#ELGL17: What’s Going On with Juliua Suchy, Village of Sparta, MI

Posted on May 10, 2017

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Julius Suchy

Village Manager – Village of Sparta, MI

Before you leave for #ELGL17, what’s the biggest project facing you at work?

Infrastructure Repair, Replacement and how to fund it in the upcoming years.

Window, middle, or aisle – which is your preferred seat on an airplane?

Window, I like to watch the action taking off and landing.

When I think of Detroit, I think about…

Memories of attending MIS on Belle Isle with my dad.

What’s the best article or book that you’ve read about Detroit?

Honestly I read the local Detroit Newspapers since I grew up in Metro Detroit so I have probably read a high number of both positive and negative articles.

Detroit is the home of ‘Motown’. If you started a Motown group, what would you name it?

I have no idea – I spent a considerable amount of time thinking about it after reading the question and just couldn’t think of anything. I figured at that point I should get back to work.

Who is the most famous person in your cell phone contacts?

Local Sparta celebrities – School Superintendent, local CEO’s or business owners.

What question(s) should we have asked?

Which character from Parks & Rec do you identify with? The answer would Ben Wyatt

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