#ELGL17: What’s Going On with Laura Hardwicke, ‎Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County

Posted on April 20, 2017

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Laura Hardwicke

‎Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County

Connect: LinkedIn and Twitter

Before you leave for #ELGL17, what’s the biggest project facing you at work?

I will be moving Nashville’s Transportation Demand Management grant into startup which means MOUs, appropriation resolutions, and a categorical exemption from NEPA. This program is going to help ease the ever growing traffic woes in Metro by working with employers to encourage alternative and active transportation among commuters. If you’ve ever seen the hilarious and award winning @NashTheTraffic twitter, you know how eager we are to start this program!

Window, middle, or aisle – which is your preferred seat on an airplane?

Always excited to get to my destination, I like to sit as close to the front of the plane as possible, so usually this means middle seat, but I usually sleep through the flight so it doesn’t really matter which seat I choose.

When I think of Detroit, I think about…

One of my favorite movies growing up– Detroit Rock City.

My friends and I used to watch this on a loop. This movie fueled lots of reckless behaviors and fashion choices for me. I can’t wait to hear a bit of the current music scene in Detroit.

What’s the best article or book that you’ve read about Detroit?

This might take some digging to find, but for part of graduate school I focused on community gardens and their youth engagement and education impacts. There was a great article about a nonprofit in Detroit transforming vacant lots into what really seemed to be urban farm oases, but that’s not all. The group gave kids something do, feel proud of, and created a unique sense of place. Eventually the students were trained and hired. At the time all I was hearing about Detroit was negative, so this article really showed me that adversity can inspire resilience.

Detroit is the home of ‘Motown’. If you started a Motown group, what would you name it?

The Grant Sisters

Who is the most famous person in your cell phone contacts?

Don’t you know, in Nashville name dropping is frowned upon. 😉

What question(s) should we have asked?

Favorite breakfast food?

A: All of them.


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