ELGL19 Keynote: Getting the Work Done, Innovation in Government

Posted on January 18, 2019

Hana Schank

Keynote: Getting the Work Done, Innovation in Government with Hana Schank

“You are part of a wonderful, frustrating, thrilling, hair-pulling moment in time. Whether it seems like it or not, you are doing good work, and you are part of a national cadre of people who are right there with you, whether you know them or not,” wrote Hana Schank about those solving problems in government for a recent report. Hana is a Public Interest Technology Fellow for New America and has been studying and writing about innovation in government. Through interviews with those getting the work done she has identified trends, common challenges and important takeaways for those that want to make government work better. In this keynote session Hana will share her research on the field of problem solving in government and how we can all take on this challenge in our day to day work.


Hana Schank
Hana Schank
Public Interest Technology Fellow
New America
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