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ELGL19 Session: How to Jumpstart & Sustain a Strategy & Performance Culture

Posted on January 29, 2019

Strategy and Performance

Time: 3:15 pm Thursday, May 16

Location: Foster Street Hallway, Room #1 

Breakout: How to Jumpstart & Sustain a Strategy & Performance Culture

Local governments all across the country have developed offices to lead and develop cultures of performance management and strategic planning. But not all local governments are in the same stages of their culture change journey to developing data-driven organizations. In this session you will learn from organizations who are each at unique points – who have already evolved from starting over a decade ago and that are still in the early stages of introducing data and strategy to their culture. If you are part of a similar office or leading this performance change in your organization you cannot miss out on this all-star panel to hear their lessons learned, reflections, and tools for success in starting and sustaining strategy and performance cultures.



Kate BenderRebecca Jackson
Kate Bender
Deputy Performance Officer
Kansas City, MO
LinkedIn & Twitter
Rebecca Jackson
Strategy & Performance
Analytics Director
Fayetteville, NC

Track: Strategy & Performance

In this track you will be exposed to communities implementing strategy and performance tools, concepts, and approaches. Learn how communities are identifying and developing the strategies and priorities they must meet in order to deliver outstanding services today but prepare and plan for the challenges the lay ahead. Learn about the tools communities are using to utilize performance and data that are helping them implement and evolve their strategic priorities. Furthermore, learn how fellow local governments develop and build capacity to support the change management that comes along with a strategy and performance culture change.

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