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ELGL19 Session: Improving Opportunities for Justice-Involved Residents

Posted on January 16, 2019

Durham i-Team

Time: 2:00 pm Thursday, May 16

Location: Foster Street Hallway, Room #1

Breakout: Case Study – Improving Opportunities for Justice-Involved Residents in Durham, NC 

A team inside the City of Durham, North Carolina is tackling one of the biggest issues that cities face, improving the economic opportunity for residents impacted by the justice system. From interviewing justice-involved residents to working with the District Attorney and community groups, Durham’s i-Team has worked to understand the root cause of the problem and co-create and test solutions. They developed a program to restore driver’s licenses for thousands of residents and a Welcome Home program that provides much needed items and peer support for residents returning from state prison. This session will be a deep dive case study on how the City of Durham is collaboratively working to make life better for justice-involved residents.


Ryan SmithChuck ManningDarin Johnson
Ryan Smith
Project Manager
Durham, NC
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Chuck Manning
Community Outreach Coordinator
Durham, NC
Darin Johnson
Data Analyst
Durham, NC
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Track: Equity & Economic Inclusion

Across the country our communities have people that have been left behind or not included in the success or opportunity of our cities. More and more governments are working to right these wrongs. From helping formerly incarcerated residents transition back to the workforce to ensuring long time residents have the same access to resources that newcomers get, equity and inclusion is at the heart of solving these problems. Learn from communities that are working in this space and from organizations that have ideas worth stealing.

Study Up for the Session:

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