#ELGLBookClub Begins: The Start-Up City by Gabe Klein

Posted on March 23, 2016

The Start-Up City Is Coming to GovLove

Q1: Gabe navigated government bureaucracy to launch his food truck business. In your opinion, is local government the hindrance to disruptive economy?

Q2: Leah Treat lists Gabe as a mentor. Who is your mentor? Describe them in four words.

Q3: Potholepalooza was a creative marketing approach used in Chicago. What other creative approaches have you seen used by cities?

Q4: Embracing the lessons of failure is a key theme of the book. In your opinion, is it more difficult to fail in today’s environment?

Q5: “Too many people from the same walk of life can be problematic.” Do you think the majority of local governments subscribe to this theory.

Q6: What question would you ask Gabe and Leah? If you use your question, you win ELGL wine glass.


This month’s ELGL Book Club will have a slightly different feel. We are hosting an all-day, drop-in as you can Book Club on Thursday, March 24. We’ll post various questions about The Start-Up City throughout the day on Twitter. You can respond as your schedule allows.

Here’s an example of how to respond so your Twitter voice is heard:

Twitter Question

Q1 #KleinTreat: Gabe writes about his unique career path from food-truck entrepreneur to transportation director. What’s your career path? Any private sector experience?

Twitter Answer

Q1: I started in university administration. No private sector experience. #KleinTreat

Make sure to include the question number that you are responding to and #KleinTreat. We may include some of the book club commentary in our GovLove podcast interview with Gabe and Leah Treat.

Want a free copy of The Start-Up City? Tweet your interest to #KleinTreat.

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