#ELGLInspire Speakers: Allyson Watson

Posted on August 29, 2018

Allyson Watson

Allyson Watson

Allyson Watson

Principal Planner, City of Kaukauna

What was the very first paying job you held (that you paid taxes on)?

Downtown De Pere, Inc.

What was your: undergraduate institution? Graduate institution? What was/were your degree(s) in?

Rider University (undergrad), Marist College (graduate) Economics, Political Science (undergrad), Public Administration / Health Care Administration (MPA)

What class(es) (if any) are applicable to your job today?

Strategic change management! Had no idea how much I would use the lessons learned in that class. My diversity and inclusion classes have also loaned perspective to my work.

What book are you currently reading? Would you recommend it?

Just finished The Power. Now reading Organize Your Way. The Power will definitely make you think about how government can get wrapped up in terribly managing natural disasters. Organize Your Way I recommend for anyone because it will make you feel normal about having piles of mail on your counter and never dusting. (And also help you develop a strategy to be more organized around your personality).

Other than ELGL – do you belong to any other professional associations? Which one(s)?

Wisconsin Downtown Action Council

What’s the best networking advice for job seekers you’ve heard or shared?

Have a wide enough network in the field you want to be in that people already are familiar with you and your work by the time you apply for a job there.

What’s the fastest way to NOT get a job or internship with you? (e.g. what should potential applicants avoid doing if they were to ever interview with you for a position).

Not paying attention to details – if you have errors in your resume, cover letter, I imagine that you don’t pay attention to details when it really counts let alone on day to day tasks.

Why should an undergraduate student consider a career working in local government?

Working in local government can be frustrating at times (red tape), but also very fulfilling (successfully navigating red tape and making positive changes). I think that it is healthy for all citizens to have a better understanding of how government works.

Undergraduates and young professionals can play an important role in shaping the future workplace culture of local government as we see so many leadership transitions occurring right now. Working in the public sector is also a great way to save for retirement through excellent employer retirement matches and to possibly get some of your student loans forgiven.

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