Webinar: Government-Nonprofit Grant Partnerships

JunJune 12 2019


Money Talks Series

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Wednesday June 12 2019, 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

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Webinar: Government-Nonprofit Grant Partnerships

Let’s Be Friends – Just Not Too Close: Advice for governments working with nonprofit partners and private/foundation funding

More and more, the funding that addresses public problems crosses siloes – and when funding comes from, through, or because of the efforts of nonprofits, local governments have new issues to address. Building partnerships, setting up fiscal policies and financial accountability, and negotiating MOAs will allow you to be nimble and responsive in responding to community problems – with the aid of nonprofit partners and private or foundation funding.

After the learning, hear from ELGL member Larry Mattson about his experiences working across industries in his role as Executive Director of the Yakima Valley Conference of Governments.

This webinar is part of ELGL’s Money Talks series for 2019.

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